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Comprehensive management and reporting of sexual misconduct on campuses.


PROTOCALL is the most comprehensive web-based platform for managing all facets of campus sexual misconduct in a single secure application – from training through adjudication and reporting. It’s both responsive and proactive by design – a technology designed to help administrators balance compassion for complainants and fairness for respondents while reducing the risks associated with sexual misconduct to a university community.

Using a systematic framework that can be customized to any university’s policies, programs and campus locations, Protocall addresses the challenges facing every campus: To track, investigate and respond to reports of misconduct and harassment, eliminate hostile environments and change campus culture.

PROTOCALL is a secure, web-based platform designed to enable Title IX Coordinators and other administrators to thoroughly and consistently manage sexual misconduct incidents without the fragmented recordkeeping and incomplete documentation associated with use of spreadsheets or general student misconduct programs.

Features include:

Created by a seasoned team of computer scientists, educators, legal professionals and social workers, PROTOCALL's innovators are sensitive to every issue surrounding the problem.

They've seen it all in areas as disparate as clinical social work, organizational management, compliance and risk management, technical training and assistance, and software development, web-based applications and data management. Team members have direct experience working with survivors of sexual assault and managing internal investigations of sexual harassment and discrimination.